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BPA-Free Sealants

As a new mother, I have been inundated with BPA-free products from baby bottles to toys, so I know that the concern is real. While the American Dental Association states that BPA from sealants poses little risk to children (and that the exposure is actually 2-5x less than the estimated daily exposure from food and environmental sources) we like to be a step ahead. (

We all try to do what’s best for our families, and at Parkview Dental we treat our patients as if they were our children, our mothers or our spouses. If I wouldn’t put something in my own child’s mouth, I won’t put it in yours. We have to find a balance between products that work well and those that are safest for our use.

There is a sealant on the market, that I use, that is not only contains no BPA, no bis-GMA and no bis-DMA but is also a provides long-lasting functional seal. So, it’s the best of both worlds – a safe, non-toxic material that does its job!

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