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Pediatric Dental Services


Dr. Vasani has a great deal of experience providing pediatric dental care to children and their families. As a mother, Dr. Vasani especially strives to make dental appointments as comfortable and relaxing as possible for children of every age.

For children, prevention is key. While it is important to care for your infants teeth from the time of eruption, we generally see children starting at age two, or once all primary teeth have erupted.  If you have a concern about your child prior to this age, you are welcome to bring them in for an assessment.  Our staff will work with parents to help maintain oral health and prevent common dental diseases that occur in children. Baby teeth and permanent teeth are already developing in the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy.


Because primary (baby) teeth have less enamel than permanent teeth, they also decay at a quicker rate. Maintaining the health of baby teeth is important because they hold the place for the developing permanent teeth that will eventually erupt and take their place. Premature tooth loss can cause eruption problems for permanent teeth if the space is not maintained adequately.

Once permanent molars begin to erupt around the ages of six and 12, sealants are placed on the chewing surfaces of these back teeth. Sealants are preventative coatings that help the deep grooves of molars from developing decay by making it easier to keep them clean.


Nutritional counseling is also important for children and their parents, because conditions like Baby Bottle Tooth Decay and frequent acid exposures from certain foods can destroy a young smile. Working as a team, parents and their children’s dentist can help care for and create a beautiful smile that will last years to come.

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