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Dental Implants


Dental implants may be an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or other reasons. A dental implant is a titanium post that is inserted into your jaw to replace a missing tooth. It as an artificial tooth root to which a crown is attached.  Different applications of implants include implant supported bridges, removable  partials or complete dentures. In most cases, Dr. Vasani can place an implant without any major surgery while achieving very predictable results. In most cases, discomfort after the procedure is minimal.  


Why are implants so highly recommended?
  • Confidence – Gives you freedom to go about your daily life without the uneasyness and discomfort of dentures.

  • Aesthetics – Look and feel of your natural teeth. Since the implant is usually capped with a crown, we can get a perfect color match to your adjacent teeth.

  • Reliable & Predictable – High success rate with low post procedure complications.  With proper care, implants should last for the rest of your life.

  • Versatile – Implants can replace one, several, or all teeth and can be used to stabilize dentures.

  • Tooth saving – Implant placement preserves quality of adjacent teeth. Because implants integrate with your bone structure, they can prevent the gum and bone deterioration associated with dentures and bridgework.

  • Convenient – We have the expertise and facilities to both place and restore dental implants.


To learn more about dental implants, we encourage you to read through the information we have provided and contact Parkview Dental to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vasani.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a dental implant is in good general and oral health. Adequate bone in your jaw is needed to support the implant, and the best candidates have healthy gum tissues that are free of periodontal disease.

What you can expect

Dental implant surgery is usually an outpatient surgery performed in stages:

  • X-rays (usually a full mouth scan) and impressions of your mouth are taken.

  • Your damaged tooth is removed.

  • Your jawbone is prepared for surgery, a process that may involve bone grafting.

  • After your jawbone heals, your oral surgeon places the dental implant metal post in your jawbone.

  • You go through a healing period that may last several weeks depending on the quality of the jawbone.

  • Your oral surgeon places the abutment, which is an extension of the implant metal post. (In some cases, when the implant is very stable, this can be done at the same time that the implant is placed.)

  • After the soft tissue heals, your dentist will make molds of your teeth and jawbone and later place the final tooth or teeth.


The entire process can take multiple weeks from start to finish. Much of that time is devoted to healing and waiting for the growth of new bone in your jaw.

Dental Implants Results

Dental implants give you a permanent, lifelong smile, and it’s important to protect that new smile. Regular care for your dental implants requires daily brushing and flossing, as well as regular checkups and cleanings. Your dental implants look and act just like real teeth, as long as you treat them as you would your natural teeth, and you’ll have a beautiful smile for life.

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